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Feline Happiness - The Familiar and Routine

There's a tiny tiger in every house cat. This little predator patrols his territory with a diligence and regularity that would win the admiration of any police squadron. Nothing escapes Kitty's scrutiny--a piece of furniture that is out of place, a vase of flowers that has just been placed on the table, a new pair of shoes in the closet. Kitty is equally aware of the human activities that occur in his home territory every day. He thrives on the familiar and finds comfort and security in being able to anticipate these events.

We may observe Kitty for only a small portion of our day, but nothing we do eludes his watchful gaze. Feeding, litterbox cleaning, grooming, playtime, and bedtime are all familiar events which your favorite feline will anticipate if they occur at approximately the same time or in the same sequence each day. Once Kitty gets used to your way of doing things, he'll be sure to remind you when its time for the next activity. If your alarm clock fails to go off, don't worry, Kitty will get you up--oops, it's Saturday! Kitty will also make sure you get to bed on time. Have you noticed how agitated he becomes when the familiar routine is broken?

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