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The Future

In order to broaden the scope of Cats International, we are appealing to cat lovers who believe that education is the key to improving the quality of life for animals (and their owners). The effects of ignorance are seen in the appalling numbers of animals that are destroyed in humane societies in our country each year (13 to 18 million). We would like to increase the impact of our educational services in our community while reaching out to other parts of the world by networking with the humane societies or groups that serve local populations.

The letters, emails, and phone calls we've received from grateful cat owners attest to the fact that our educational services are benefiting cats and their owners. Recently one recipient of the "How to Live Happily Ever After with Your Cat" said that in one week the booklet had been read and passed on to four other people before it landed in her hands. The beauty of education is that it keeps on spreading..... Thank You!

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